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Touchless menus and payments on your table

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Nosher works with restaurants, cafes, bars, and more. With no app required, your customers will start using Nosher right away. Extensive features include a full range of table-side payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet.​ Guests will appreciate such an easy way to order and pay. Additionally, acknowledging safety concerns and maximizing your store’s efficiency will increase visitor return rates. The dine-in experience can now run on the customer’s time, no longer making them wait for the check.

Turnover Tables

Your guests can browse the menu and even order as soon as they sit. When they are ready to pay, they simply scan and pay

Eliminate Errors

Guest placing their own orders eliminate miscommunication between the guests and your waitstaff

Communicate Clearly

Waitstaff can be summoned by your guests when they are ready to order more. Guest can even provide feedback directly to you

Enhance Hygiene

Eliminating physical menus and receipts further enhances the cleanliness of your establishment



Nosher is a comprehensive, yet extremely simple to use, contactless solution that offers restaurant owners, staff and customers a multitude of value added benefits. The Nosher experience encompasses all stages of dining - from menu browsing and order placing all the way to checkout and feedback submission. Using Nosher is extremely simple for your guests:

1. Scan

Guests browse the menu on their phone by scanning the QR code from the table

3. Communicate

Guests can summon waitstaff (i.e. Another Round) or even provide feedback directly to you

2. Order

Guests place their own order with our POS integration or a server can assist them

4. Pay

Guests pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, or a credit card directly on their phone

Want to see it for yourself? Scan the QR code below or click on it to see it from your guests' point of view:

Screen Shot 2021-07-25 at 1.05.53 PM.png

Best part is that Nosher is POS agnostic - its unique  integration capability will work with your existing system. Getting started could not be any simpler, just 3 step registration will get your restaurant going in no time.

How it works



Monthly pricing is transparent, and there is an option for everyone.

There are NO contracts, NO cancellation fees, and NO set-up fees.

Unsure which set-up you need? Contact us!

About Us


Nosher was born when the hospitality industry was faced with unexpected hardship - the COVID19 pandemic.

As businesses began to re-open, it was evident that to ensure guest and staff safety, restaurant owners would need to swiftly adapt to face “the new normal.” It was clear that there was a pressing need for a simple, safe, contactless solution available to the public. Nosher is a comprehensive, web-based, touchless technology developed to bring security to the hospitality industry as it faces tremendous challenges brought by the Coronavirus crisis. 

Customers can safely order, pay-by-phone, and communicate their needs through the feedback module  to restaurants during this pivotal moment in history. Nosher exterminates traditional menus, encourages a safer restaurant environment, and engages guests,  all without the  hassle of downloading yet another app.




Questions, comments, thoughts, suggestions, we want them all. Send them via the form below and we will promptly reply!


Thanks for contacting us!

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